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Our powerful advisory board module allows you to define members, create agendas, track meeting minutes, and send an administrative response. You can also fill out forms, attach documents, and track meeting attendance.

Manage All Your Meetings

View the status of all of your scheduled meetings in one place. At a glance, see if teachers have submitted meeting minutes for their Occupational Advisory Committee (OAC) meetings.

Manage Board Members

Store the contact information for all of your committee members and allow them to RSVP for upcoming meetings.  You can also share links to meeting agendas with them as well.

Meeting Agenda Builder

Administrators can build completely customizable meeting agenda templates that instructors can later customize for their meetings. Digital forms and file attachments can also be added.

Create Meeting Minutes

Create meeting minutes and document what was discussed, as well as any actions taken, for each agenda item. When formalizing the meeting minutes, any notes taken during the meeting will be shown as the minutes are created.