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When we added the WBL module to our all-encompassing CTE-360 application, many of you asked if we could create a lower-cost standalone product that was customized just for you. Jobready WBL is just that; a low-cost, efficient way to track all aspects of work-based learning experiences including cooperative education (co-op), diversified occupations, job shadowing, internships, and much more!

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Forget paper forms and antiquated record-keeping techniques. Step into the digital age with online forms, employer clearance tracking, drag-n-drop scheduling, electronic signatures, and much more!

Centralized Student Management

View the status of all of your students' work-based learning experiences from one easy-to-use dashboard!

Advanced Reporting

Reports, such as the work log shown here, make tracking job experiences and student work hours hassle-free.

Employer Clearances & Documents

Jobready WBL can also keep track of clearances and other required documents, such as workers' compensation & liability insurance for organizations that are employing your students. The best part is that when these documents expire, you will be notified.

Electronic Forms & Signatures

Want to go paperless or just streamline all of the forms that you're using now? Jobready WBL makes building your own digital forms as easy as drag-and-drop!

Work Logs & Pay Stubs

Students can easily document their work experiences and upload pay stubs or other documents. As a Coop Coordinator, you have the power to approve or reject each submission.


To add even more value to an already great application, we decided to include some additional features from CTE-360 that we thought might be of interest to you.

Career Exploration Surveys

A Career Exploration Survey allows students to respond to questions and identify occupations of interest based on their responses.

Current Occupation Statistics from O*NET

Current job data is integrated into Jobready WBL and is available to students, teachers, and counselors. Students can use this to discover a wealth of information, such as typical job tasks, technical knowledge requirements, skills and abilities they should possess, median wages, and job opportunities.

Articulation Agreements

Post-secondary articulation agreements and student progress on earning credits can be tracked in the system.