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CTE-360 is packed full of features that you just won't find anywhere else. Here are some of the highlights. Click on the Learn More button for screenshots and more detailed information about each item. We are very open to suggestions. If you think there's something missing, please let us know!

Improved Communications

Student data can be easily shared with sending school counselors, administrators, and parents.

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Increased Efficiency

We believe in using the power of technology to simplify your life and make day-to-day tasks less daunting.

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Advanced Reporting

Administrators and teachers are alerted to potential problems before it's too late and can be proactive.

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Lesson Plans

Teachers can effortlessly create detailed lesson plans that include everything a CTC would expect.

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Teachers can drag & drop lesson plans or events onto their calendar to quickly map out their schedule.

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Careers & Occupations

Students can use the Career Portfolio to showcase their talents and explore occupations of interest to them.

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Work-Based Learning

Coop Coordinators rejoice! Tracking all of your CTE students job experiences has never been easier!

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Teaching Strategies

Document commonly used teaching strategies or create your own and link them to state standards.

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Asset Management

Equipment, resources, and teaching materials can be assigned bar codes and tracked.

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School Audit Documentation

Archiving the documentation needed for audits and accreditations is painless and completely digital.

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Track Student Progress

Teachers can effortlessly document task performance levels, NOCTI scores, and industry certifications.

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Tasks & Competency Lists

Teachers can create their own task lists that align with the state Program of Study tasks.

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SIS & LMS Integrations

Student grades, current enrollments, and attendance data can all be pulled from your existing Student Information System.

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Paperless Forms

Digitize all of your school forms, complete with online signatures, drag & drop field placement, PDF generation and much more!

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Advisory Boards

Define members, create agendas, track meeting minutes, and send an administrative response. You can also fill out forms, attach documents, and track meeting attendance.

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