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Teachers, are you tired of submitting your lesson plans to your administration every week?  Administrators, do you wish there was an easier way to see what was going on in each classroom at any given time?  CTE-360 is the answer.  See how easy it is to communicate what lessons and being taught and plan out events for your school.

Drag and Drop Scheduling

The drag-and-drop interface makes creating and modifying events effortless. Teachers can choose which groups of students a scheduled lesson plans pertains to and use color codes to identify them at a glance.

Administrators can also create school-wide events so teachers know not to schedule a lesson during those times.

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Building & Scheduling Lesson Plans

See how simple it is for a teacher to create and schedule a lesson plan using CTE-360.

Stay Organized & Improve Communications

Since administrators can easily see each teacher’s calendar of scheduled lesson plans and events, they'll always know what to expect when planning classroom observations.

You can also print or edit a lesson plan directly from the calendar view.

See the Power of CTE-360!

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