Educational technologies



Work-Based Learning

You can now track all aspects of your students work-based learning experiences with CTE-360. This includes cooperative education (co-op), diversified occupations, job shadowing, internships, and much more!

WBL Student Management

View the status of all of your students' work-based learning experiences from one easy-to-use dashboard!

Automated Reporting

Reports, such as the work log shown here, make tracking job experiences and student work hours hassle-free.

Employer Clearances & Documents

CTE-360 can also keep track of clearances and other required documents, such as workers' compensation & liability insurance for organizations that are employing your students. The best part is that when these documents expire, you will be notified.

Electronic Forms & Signatures

Want to go paperless or just streamline all of the forms that you're using now? CTE-360 makes building your own digital forms as easy as drag-and-drop!

Work Logs & Pay Stubs

Students can easily document their work experiences and upload pay stubs or other documents. As a Coop Coordinator, you have the power to approve or reject each submission.

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