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Career and technical education is all about preparing students for the world of work and our goal is to empower you to help your students become successful when they enter the workforce. We see the value of CTE because we've lived it. At Eduready360 we currently employ a number of CTC alumni, including former students, educators, and administrators.  We are very dedicated to doing all that we can to help students succeed.

  • Students have a public view they can share
  • Students build their portfolio in CTE-360

Student Career Portfolios

Students can use the Career Portfolio in CTE-360 to showcase their resume, best works, awards, recommendation letters, education, and employment history, and much more. Students get a public Career Portfolio link that they can share with potential employers. They also have access to their Career Portfolio long after graduation and there is no additional charge for this service.

Career Exploration Surveys

A Career Exploration Survey allows students to respond to questions and identify occupations of interest based on their responses.

Articulation Agreements

Post-secondary articulation agreements and student progress on earning credits can be tracked in the system.

Current Occupation Statistics from O*NET

Current job data is integrated into CTE-360 and is available to students, teachers, and counselors. Students can use this to discover a wealth of information, such as typical job tasks, technical knowledge requirements, skills and abilities they should possess, median wages, and job opportunities.

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