Educational technologies




Track Computers & IT Equipment

Just about every classroom has computers and other high-value IT equipment.  With CTE-360, you can assign a bar code to all of your assets and scan them to perform an inventory.

Manage Tools & Equipment

CTE-360 gives teachers the ability to track the equipment and tools that they use in their program. This can be used for keeping an inventory of all of the equipment in the shop or it can serve as a place to store operating manuals, warranties, or other documentation.

Equipment Maintenance Schedules

One or more maintenance schedules can be assigned to a piece of equipment to ensure it is always safe to operate. The next scheduled maintenance date will automatically show up on your calendar so you have a constant reminder of when equipment needs to be serviced.

Fully Customizable

Individual items can be inventoried with serial numbers, part numbers, tag numbers, purchase dates, and any other pertinent information cataloged. You can create your own fields, define custom tags, and add locations to track each item.

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