Educational technologies




Software is meant to make our lives easier.  CTE-360 makes repetitive tasks less tedious and increases efficiency, giving you more time to focus on what really matters most.  

Spend Less Time Typing

Teachers will especially like this one! When building a lesson plan, most systems require teachers to type the name of textbooks, teaching materials, equipment, and other resources. In CTE-360, you enter it once and next time select it.

Reduce Paper Costs

Most schools run on paper. From student files to applications to report cards, this is an expense that most schools struggle with. CTE-360 allows you to manage everything online, potentially saving thousands on paper alone while making the school more eco-friendly!

Reduce Meeting Times

By providing streamlined communications systems so that parents, teachers, and administrators can all work together without the need for hours of wasted face-to-face time, CTE-360 makes communication less of a time sink throughout the academic year.

Reduce Employee Costs

Automation reduces working hours. If you’re relying on hourly employees to do the tasks that have now been computerized in CTE-360, let us do the heavy lifting. Save money on overtime, benefits, and salary by switching to our built-in automated systems.

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