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Teachers have the ability to create detailed lesson plans which can also include linkages to tasks, academic standards, NOCTI test objectives, and industry certifications. This allows teachers and administrators to ensure students are adequately trained and prepared for success.

Design Your Own Lesson Plans

As part of the onboarding process, we work with you to create a lesson plan format that works specifically for your school.  We'll add your school logo and modify the layout and content to meet your needs.

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Building & Scheduling Lesson Plans

See how simple it is for a teacher to create and schedule a lesson plan using CTE-360.


In addition to the basic lesson plan content such as the introduction, instructional procedures, and student activities, CTE-360 allows you to create very detailed and comprehensive lesson plans. Here are some items that can be included.

Assessed Tasks

You have the ability to choose the tasks that are applicable to a particular lesson.  This ensures instruction is provided for all tasks.

Academic Standards

Make sure your students are adequately prepared for standardized tests by linking lesson plans to state academic standards.

Performance Objectives

If you choose to set a condition and criteria for a task, performance objectives can be automatically created for you as you select each task.

Equipment & Resources

Instead of typing out the name of a textbook, reference material, or piece of equipment on every lesson plan, simply select them from a list you maintain.

Teaching Strategies

Choose from over 50 commonly used teaching strategies included in CTE-360 or create your own.

Math & Literacy Components

Teachers can create literacy or math-focused lesson plan components that focus specifically on improving academic performance.

Accommodations & Adaptations

List how assessments and instruction can be adapted to me the needs of gifted and special needs students.

Web Links

Choose from a list of web links that you maintain. Each is periodically checked to ensure the links are still valid.

Formative & Summative Assessments

Document how the students will demonstrate mastery of the tasks assessed by a given lesson plan.

File Attachments

Supplemental information can easily be added to a lesson plan by uploading and attaching one or more files.

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