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One thing that makes CTE-360 such a nice addition to any CTC is that it can be used to greatly improve communications between career and technology centers and their constituents. It's never been easier to share student progress and other important information with sending school counselors, parents, teachers, and administrators.

Create Accounts for your Sending Schools

We all know how important good communication is.  However, sometimes it can be difficult for a CTC to share student information with the schools that send them students. With CTE-360 you can add accounts for school district personnel to view student information at any time.  Worried about the added cost?  Don't be.  Add as many school district accounts as you like.  There is no additional cost for this feature.

Share Student Information

Task Completion Progress

Anyone granted access to a student's profile page will be able to view and download a current task list. This includes the student, their parents or guardians, or anyone else you'd like to share this information with.

Grades & Attendance

Grades and attendance information can also be pulled from your SIS and viewed by anyone with access to the student profile.

Industry Certifications

The student profile can also be used to document industry certifications obtained by students.

See Who is Accessing Student Information

Teachers and administrators can view a log of when student profiles have been viewed and by whom.  This ensures parents or other users are actually viewing the information you've shared.

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