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By warehousing all of the documentation required for state audits, CTE-360 eliminates the time spent building binders and printing vast amounts of data. Instead, all supporting documentation that is not already present in CTE-360 can easily be copied and pasted or scanned into the system. When it's time for an audit, the review team can conveniently access all required documentation through a user-friendly interface.

Evidence for any Audit or Review

Audit templates, such as the PA Act 339 Audit, are included, but custom templates can be created for use in any audit or accreditation review. This could make you next Perkins audit or NATEF/NIMS accreditation much easier to manage.

Request Documentation From Users

Administrators can request documents from teachers or other users directly from CTE-360 or they can upload the files themselves if they choose.

Archive School Documents

Administrators can archive documents to use in future audits or to create a repository of information to share with the rest of the school.

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